Neil Jenney & Donald Sultan

Framing Nature's Paradox

ISBN: 979-8-89298-667-0

Dimensions: 9"x9"

Pages: 80

Published by the Morris Museum in association with Waqas Wajahat, New York on the occasion of the exhibition Framing Nature’s Paradox: Neil Jenney & Donald Sultan 1969-2023  from October 6, 2023 - February 18, 2024.


The exhibition explores the intersection of contemporary practice with keen observation of the natural world and human nature through the works of two acclaimed artists, Neil Jenney and Donald Sultan. Framing Nature’s Paradox features 27 works including rarely seen pieces from across both artists careers and a new piece by Neil Jenney (Texting and Talking, 2023).


Jenney and Sultan came to prominence in the late 1960s/early 1970s in New York City and are admirers of each other’s work. Each is a prominent exponent in the global conversation about the art of our time. Their work is found at leading institutions and in significant private collections worldwide. The critical press and popular media have heralded their accomplishments over the years, sometimes referring to them as post-minimalist mavericks and pioneers. Framing Nature’s Paradox is the first museum exhibition to consider Jenney and Sultan together by exploring their early output and new approaches to realism.


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